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Posted on: 2014-01-31
@ 12:47:33      by Wrapmation
Load at Departure

Wrapmation Inc. has just launched a product to photographically document how rolls are loaded and secured on vehicles at the point of departure.

The objective is to provide proof that the rolls were properly loaded, proper use of load securement and a safe loading pattern before leaving the mill or warehouse. Pictures of the loading process are taken thanks to this AndroidTM app running on AndroidTM tablets and smartphones or AndroidTM-enabled cameras.
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Posted on: 2007-07-06
@ 09:00:00      by Wrapmation
Alberta Newsprint upgrades TRAQ Manager

Alberta Newsprint Company has invested in a TRAQ Managerô Roll Tracking system to manage its operations from sales order entry through planning, production, inventory, remote warehouse, quality tracking, transportation and shipping. In addition, TRAQ Manager will be tightly integrated with accounting to exchange accurate credit, shipment and historical information.

Alberta Newsprint will gain a competitive advantage with TRAQ Managerís business intelligence (BI) features such as report services, data mining and data warehousing, all of which are based on Microsoft Analysis Services 2005, one of the most powerful BI platforms.
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Posted on: 2005-12-12
@ 16:10:25      by Wrapmation
TRAQ Manager supports Data Warehouse

TRAQ Manager offers new business intelligence (BI) features based on one of the most powerful and cost efficient BI platforms - Microsoft Analysis Services 2005. An extensive data warehouse module can store and organize years of orders, production history, inventory, shipping and transportation information. The data warehouse is used for sophisticated online analytical system (OLAP) that process queries required to discover sales or quality trends and analyze critical factors such as transportation and manufacturing costs. We provide data cubes and interactive reports to let the mill managers explore historical data such as sales by region, sales representative and customer group, optimize transportation and minimise manufacturing losses.
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Posted on: 2005-01-13
@ 18:32:32      by Wrapmation
New Trim Optimization Program

Wrapmation is offering a Trim Optimizer Program (Trim) that optimizes production planning in paper mills. The Trim creates optimized running patterns to fill customer orders.

The Trim creates machine runs that optimize trim widths, slitter knife changes, overruns, underruns and inventory aging.

Our Trim program offers Graphical User Interface (GUI) to provide easy order selection, constraint management and real-time presentation of solutions as they are being calculated

The Trim can run stand-alone or be integrated with Wrapmation?s roll tracking system ? TRAQ Manager. When integrated with Wrapmation?s TRAQ Manager? the Trim automatically searches future and stock orders to find ?Helper? rolls to improve trim efficiency using sales statistics and actual inventory state.

The Trim uses highly efficient heuristic and linear integer programming multi-objective optimization algorithms. Trim runs on an industry-standard PC with Windows NT or a later version. Additional features and criteria can be custom added to resolve mill-specific problems.

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Posted on: 2004-10-22
@ 11:29:41      by Wrapmation
Why go with .NET

Standards integration: Web services, XML, SOAP. Easy interoperability with other software platforms, third party software and hardware. For example, data is passed across process boundaries as XML, and typically this data has a link to an XSD, so any client can properly validate the data. SOAP is an XML-based protocol that communicates with Web services. The integration of SOAP and Web services allows for easy programmatic access by any client.

Ease of deployment, support and upgrade. One of the major problems for Windows applications has been deployment. Old COM technology makes extensive use of the Windows Registry to locate components on the machine. New versions of components could easily break existing applications. .Net doesn't use the registry; most deployments can simply be done with a copy command. .It uses versioning to locate proper version of components, eliminating ?dlls hell?.

Managed code. .Net manages the executable code, which is important for a variety of reasons, such as system security, reducing bugs and building more scalable applications. .Net handles such tasks as allocating and recovering memory, creating and destroying threads and processes, and handling the access permissions of the running code. All existing Microsoft technologies such as COM/DCOM, network messaging and queuing, MSSQL server, ASP, MS Office interoperability and data access are joined together under one secure and stable platform.

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Posted on: 2003-04-15
@ 12:13:26      by Wrapmation
TRAQ Manager Roll Tracking System Based on .NET Technology

Wrapmation has successfully implemented the first .NET version of the TRAQ Manager? Roll Tracking System at Kruger Paperboard Division.

TRAQ Manager provides Kruger with order entry and management, as well as a comprehensive production planning solution managing the entire process from trimming to loading.

In addition, TRAQ Manager manages zone usage, assigning rolls to zones in Kruger warehouse. TRAQ Manager monitors all roll movements through the warehouse, on truck loading docks, and rail sidings through the mill?s secure process network using wireless LAN-connected Panasonic TOUGHBOOK computers, mounted directly on clamp trucks.

TRAQ Manager provides Kruger operations with several automated functions, notably the preparation of shipping documentation and data collection from mill?s lab and gauging systems, including Measurex MXOpen. After the loads leave the mill, TRAQ Manager transmits load information to the DYNAMICS accounting system, which is responsible for invoicing.

Number of news: 1

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