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Allan Wong, President/Founder

Allan has loved working with computers since 1972. Upon completing college in 1979, he became the fifth employee of a small company called MDDC Systems Ltd. to work on roll tracking systems. Starting from the ground up, Allan installed and debugged the system hardware. Demonstrating an affinity for applications programming, he later became their Interface Specialist.

Allan continued to specialize in interfacing when, in 1985, MDDC was taken over by Measurex. Two years later, Allan left Measurex to join Robert Lacroix & Associates Inc. as a senior partner to develop roll wrapping lines and wrapping line control systems. In 1990, Allan founded Wrapmation to develop Roll Tracking Systems on the Personal Computer platform.

Allan Wong is a successful investor, airplane pilot, certified scuba diver, and he enjoys motorcycling, sailing, and Caribbean vacations where there are no telephones.

Vladimir L'vov, Project Leader
Joined Wrapmation in 1999

Vladimir finished Saint-Petersburg Technical University in 1983 and began his programming career in the Laboratory of Computer Graphics, where he specialized in 3D graphics and computational mechanics. After receiving his Ph.D. in Technical Sciences in 1994, Vladimir focused on client-server and database technologies. He was a team leader for a project developing large information systems for the insurance business.

Vladimir has experience programming business applications for various back-ends, including MS-SQL, Oracle, and Sybase SQL databases.

Vladimir likes to spend his spare time with his wife Julia, sons Nikita and Daniel and dog “Liyma”. His hobbies include reading, jogging, fishing, and cross-country skiing.

Frédéric Pelletier, Application Developer
Joined Wrapmation in 2001

Frédéric joined the development team shortly after completing his computer science technology diploma. Wrapmation is his first step in the world of programming. Fred's main experience is in Windows and APP applications and report design.

Fred has a passion for games, one of the reasons he is programming today. He also enjoys playing guitar and most sports, such as skiing and roller-blading.

Fred has a daughter and son.

Alan Campbell, Trainer/Application Developer/Quality Assurance
Joined Wrapmation in 1996

As Wrapmation's EEDD (evaluation, education, development, and debugging) person, Alan is our "jack-of-all-trades". He is a graduate of McGill University.

Since 1995, Alan has been a specialized applications trainer, help author, and writer of customized user guides and training manuals. He has field experience with several systems integration teams in the automobile and paper industries and was a project manager and senior editor in the e-learning business.

Alan beta tests TRAQ Manager modules. He works with our programmers and our clients towards developing the level of customization our clients need.

Wrapmation values Alan's abilities as an educator and writer. Our clients appreciate his patience and approachability, which allow him to be both an effective instructor and a perceptive consultant. His multi-disciplinary experience gives him a flexibility that lets him work easily with people in all environments. His meticulousness provides our clients with high-quality products.

Alan was born in Canada in 1957. He has one daughter born in 1988. His varied hobbies and interests include daily exercise; trumpet playing; music composition, analysis and software; cross-country skiing, winemaking and cooking.

Shirley Zhu, Application Developer
Joined Wrapmation in 2002

Prior to joining Wrapmation, Shirley worked as a teacher in China and Canada. More recently, she developed business, financial, and retail applications using Microsoft tools with n-tier application.

Shirley very much enjoys teaching, especially with young people. She currently heads an alumni association in Montreal and frequently organizes activities.

After work, she likes a wide variety of activities, including reading and writing in Chinese, studying different cultures and religions, chatting with people, building friendships, helping new comers, playing volleyball and badminton, walking her dog "Lucky", and most importantly spending time with her aging parents and listening to her teenage daughter's complaining.

Ray Goudie, Application Developer
Joined Wrapmation in 1996

Ray has been involved with programming since 1984, when he bought his first computer: a Commodore-64. He studied Computer Science at Concordia University in Montreal. Connected to the Internet since 1987, Ray is an old man in Internet time. He specializes in C# .NET, as well as Clarion for Windows application development.

His hobbies include reading, photography, and cycling. Ray lives right on the water in the Montreal suburb of Lachine with his girlfriend.

Charlotte Boulanger, Word Architect
Joined Wrapmation in 1999

Charlotte has been using words to inform, stir ideas and inspire people in a multitude of environments. Since 1999, she has been editing and translating material for Wrapmation whether for marketing purposes or business correspondence. She also writes for magazines and is a public speaker.

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