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TRAQ Mobile - On Tablet and Smartphone

Our mobile solutions provide superior decision-making tools anytime and anyplace. This includes mill floor and labs, customer press room, clamp trucks, truck drivers in their cabs and, of course, from home..

TRAQ Mobile gives users access to mill operations from smartphones and tablets.

The world of mobile devices is evolving. Our current mobile offers are:

  • Mobile web apps based on HTML-5
  • Android mobile apps including BlackBerry in Android mode. Iphone is currently being evaluated

TRAQ Mobile facilitates working with carriers, customers, customs brokers as well as employees and travelling salespeople. Typical functions are:

  • View a load status, see when a load will be ready
  • View and change loading plans
  • Take pictures of loads while loading and attaching it to the load information
  • View loads and pictures of loads and load securement at the point of departure
  • Look up roll information, history, certificate of analysis
  • Check status of order
  • View customer requirements
  • CSR & salesmen information
  • Submit damage claims and track status of claims
  • Collect lab quality data
  • Use Android to do physical inventory

The device's camera can be used to scan barcdoes and take pictures.

clicking here to try our TRAQ Mobile web demo

Sample Android screens

Android App - Load List

Android App - Load Status

Android App - Roll Status

Android App - Roll Quality

Android App - Roll History

Android App - Loading dock status

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