With this in mind, Wrapmation proudly displays the following testimonials.

These testimonials are from real people working in real mills (and nobody was paid to say this!)

"I would not hesitate to recommend Wrapmation Inc. for whatever your needs may be in the area of roll tracking. They are proving themselves to be a solid and reliable player in this field"

Dan Hayward
Finishing Supervisor
Daishowa America
Port Angeles Mill


"I am very pleased with the team spirit and co-operation between the Wrapmation team and the AA Team. Progress is satisfactory and the problems encountered are normal start-up problems."

J.R. Miller
Industrial Director
Advance Agro Public Co., Ltd.

June 2nd, 1997

"I've been very satisfied in your services and specially the after service has been excellent."

Mr Reima Suominen
Project Manager
Raumaster Oy
Raumaster Oy Website

January 11, 1999

"The TRAQ Manager system directly enabled our operation to run Just-in-Time. We are now able to hot-load most of our loads, drastically reducing the inventory in our warehouse."

John McNamara
Finishing Superintendent
Papier Masson Ltée

April 5, 2001

"Again, thank you to all your hard work. The warehouse is very pleased with the progress made".

Leslie Faulkner
Warehouse Operator

November 1, 2001

"We chose Wrapmation because they offer a personalized service and their system's flexibility could fulfill our particular needs. They are always quickly available when we need them, and we are pleased that the project did respect the estimated budget".

Martin Caron
IT Director

October 24, 2005

"When we needed a software vendor, we were well prepared to make the decision, and Wrapmation was the successful bidder. This company was the right choice for ANC (Alberta Newsprint Company). We received the special care and personal attention that only a company that is very experienced and knowledgeable about the paper industry can provide."

"Through careful planning and trusted collaboration, the first phase of the software implementation was incredibly smooth."

"The second phase of the Sales System Project is quickly coming to a close and has a target completion date of June 30."

"We are looking forward to the growing number of benefits this Sales System is providing us. And, because of this project, we are well positioned to meet and exceed our customers' current and future expectations."

Jack McDonald
Canadian Sales/Customer Service

June 25, 2008

"Committed to Total Customer Satisfaction".