TRAQ Manager

TRAQ Manager is Wrapmation's paper mill roll tracking software suite. Our software tracks paper from the initial order, through various manufacturing, conversion, and value-added processes right up to the point when the finished paper leaves the mill.

TRAQ Manager uses a modular design to meet the specific requirements of individual paper mills. This design allows you to add modules as needed after initial implementation. The TRAQ Manager modules represent the production process steps common to paper mills.

The Order Entry Module begins the tracking process. Customer orders enter into the system using this module. Order information includes product sizes, specifications, quantities, shipping requirements, customer information, and order parameters. Among many other variables, TRAQ Manager ensures that rolls leaving the mill are properly packaged and labeled exactly to your customers' specifications.

The Quality Management System tracks Jumbo reel quality and roll genealogy, ensuring that the customer's assigned rolls meet the specific grade specifications.

TRAQ Manager's trim-optimization programs automatically select manufacturing orders to optimize the production plans in order to:

  • minimize trim loss
  • reduce slitter knife movements
  • shorten inventory life

The result is minimized trim loss and maximized profit.

Because TRAQ Manager schedules, routes, and tracks the entire conversion and finishing process of papermaking, you can accurately pinpoint paper damage or waste, automatically alert operators, and even re-schedule production and shipments to compensate for the loss.

By communicating directly with the wrapping line Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), TRAQ Manager automates the wrapping and packaging of rolls. The system wraps each roll exactly to your customer's requirements. This minimizes the wrapping material usage while reducing your overall labor costs. Customers can even have personalized labels.

Our sheeting module creates reams of papers tracked by lot numbers that you can trace back to the rolls and jumbos, providing full traceability.

TRAQ Manager manages rolls and pallets stored in warehouse zones . TRAQ Manager efficiently oversees product storage and movement, right up to the point where it is loaded into the truck, container, car, or boat for delivery to the customer. Using radio-linked terminals installed on clamp trucks, drivers can locate and manage roll storage, retrieval and loading, optimize loading patterns, and print shipping documents from the driver's seat. This dramatically reduces labor requirements and provides safety and loading accuracy that is second to none!

By co-residing with a mill's existing NT systems and network, TRAQ Manager provides network or Internet users with up-to-date information about production, inventory, and shipment. TRAQ Manager's web-services extend the system beyond your mill site, and right to your client's desktop.


The TRAQ Manager system runs on industry-standard PCs. We design our systems to be fault-tolerant, incorporating redundant processors, networks, memory, and disk arrays. Our pre-failure detection technology can even detect when a computer component is about to fail , alerting a technician to replace the part before it failure can affect the system. If a data storage disk drive malfunctions, a mirrored disk drive automatically picks up the workload, without missing a byte of data. If a memory chip fails, stand-by bits automatically repair the data, and the system continues to operate. This makes TRAQ Manager the most reliable computer system in your mill, providing ultra-high system availability.

Wrapmation's only business is roll tracking. Our Design (or Dream) Team is comprised of highly talented programmers with many years of experience in the pulp and paper industry. We build our systems using industry standard, state-of-the-art computer languages, databases, and technology.