Prodcut Pricing Module

TRAQ Manager can manage product pricing by weight, area, and unit. Price adjustments have effective dates that allow you to enter pricing and discounts ahead of price changes.

Discounts can be assigned according to consignee products, grades, and more. TRAQ Manager can accommodate special quoted pricing. TRAQ Manager displays the resulting prices for confirmation before committing the price updates. TRAQ Manager retains all price changes and discounts in history for later analysis.

You can organize customers into buying groups for common discounts as well as sales analysis and reporting.

TRAQ Manager supports multiple surcharges such as fuel, insurance, security, and more. Surcharges can be a price per load or a percentage of the shipment.

TRAQ Manager pricing and rates also support the calculation of Canadian GST, PST, HST.


  • Powerful pricing management providing accuracy, certainty and accountability
  • Price adjustments for multiple products and multiple customers - by fixed amount or percentage
  • Historical pricing information available for analysis and negotiations
  • Sales and price management through buying groups
  • Management of multiple surcharges in an ever-changing marketplace
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