Transportation Module

The Transportation Module provides the following functionalities to manage the logistics of shipping the paper:

  • Freight rates
  • Surcharges (fuel, insurance, security, and more)
  • Carriers and equipment
  • Automatic load tendering to carriers
  • Reverse billing
  • Managing vehicles in the yard

Once the loads are entered into TRAQ Manager, the transportation coordinator reviews the loads and manages loading and shipping operations, as well as coordinating equipment and staff utilization.


  • Satisfied carriers can be more reliable because they are getting accurate and timely information
  • Extensive analysis of freight rate history by destination, carrier, mode, and other criteria helps in negotiations with carriers
  • Rapid and simple tendering of vehicles
  • Reverse billing eliminates reconciling of carrier invoices with shipping records
  • Accurate information about mill operations allows optimum usage of vehicle capacity and automatic checking for overloading vehicles
  • Permit over and under shipments when necessary in accordance with industry standards and your mill practices
  • Tracking of carrier performance, including on-time arrival, equipment history, and more automatic calculations for best rate
  • Handling of Canadian taxes (GST, QST, HST) for rates
  • Handling reduced weight limits for thaw season
  • Support joint loads and multi-drop shipments
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