Production Planning Module

The Production Planning Module analyses all selected TRAQ Manager orders to determine the optimum running schedule. Production Planning consists of long term scheduling and short term planning.

By planning order items and load items in parallel and tracking production against loads and order items, we are able to identify loads that will be late at the winder and assist the winder operator to decide to jump to a pattern so that he produces reassigned rolls to complete a late load on time.

Block scheduling lets you schedule your grade block runs for upcoming weeks. TRAQ Manager then lets you book orders against the various grade blocks. Our automatic trim program uses heuristic and multi-level linear program algorithms to provide several "best" cutting patterns for the winder, rewinder, and sheeters.

Our Trim Program integrates with our order system so we can make use of sizes in future and stock orders as well as look in inventory for rolls to improve the trim. There is no single best solution because the "best solution" depends on variables such as market conditions, running conditions, and furnish available. These parameters are constantly changing. TRAQ Manager's trim program provides several solutions, optimized for various criteria to provide:

  • Minimized trim loss
  • Least slitter knife movements
  • Less deviation from order tolerances
  • Best shipping schedule

Our unique TRAQ Manager's trim program offers several solutions, allowing you to decide which one is the best. Every solution respects a common number of constraints such as:

  • Order quantities as a combination of target, underrun minimum and overrun maximum amounts
  • Multiple rolls per pack. Grouping of bundled rolls together
  • Winding direction restrictions
  • End roll restrictions
  • Mixing items of compatible grades in the trim
  • Trimming to Load and Hot Loading Option
  • Maximum number of rolls per set
  • Quantity and width of small rolls, same width roll restrictions, maximum number of different widths in a pattern

Operators can edit and massage the cutting patterns to provide easy adjustments of patterns to meet your specific needs. Because our trim is integrated, we have immediate access to existing inventory, stock and shipping schedule to achieve an optimal trim solution. "Help" roll can be used to improve trim efficiency by adding stock rolls or rolls from upcoming orders to the problem.

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