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Due to various demands, a mill may have to resort to remote warehouses. Remote warehouses may provide the best customer service, lower transportation costs, improve flexibility in grade production planning, inventory management and to suit various economic conditions.

The TRAQ Manager Remote Warehouse Module is designed to allow paper mills to manage sending, storing and shipping rolls to and from remote warehouses.

Paper can be received to and shipped from a remote warehouse by any combination of equipment (for example Rail-In, Truck-Out). Paper rolls from different shipments can be mixed together and partially left in the remote warehouse.

Operators at remote warehouses can access the Remote Warehouse Module via the web or using a Citrix client connected to the mill's TRAQ Manager system.

Shipping documents can be printed at the remote warehouse with certificate of analysis, Shipping documents can also be emailed to the warehouse in PDF format.


The TRAQ Manager Remote Warehouse Module allows:

  • proper management of rolls and cost and invoicing of transactions involving remote warehousing
  • flexible and cost-efficient multi-leg transportation planning
  • accurate global overview of operations or for a particular warehouse
  • a view of where certain products are or where rolls for a customer are located
  • management of inventory aging
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