Information is the key.

TRAQ Manager is a valuable source of accurate and detailed data and TRAQ Manager provides an extensive array of reports including production, inventory, and downgrading reports to exploit this source.

Daily production reports provide critical information for mill morning meetings. Production reports show the production in a 24-hour cycle.

TRAQ Manager production reports can be based on one of the following events:

  • Jumbo turn-up
  • Set turn-up
  • Wrapline scale time

Daily production cutoff time can be midnight or be configured to a particular time in the day.

Shipments and other information can also be included in production reports. Many other options are available for production reports.

Other reports are available such as:

  • Aging inventory reports to show the age of rolls
  • Downgrade reports to show downgraded or second-grade rolls
  • Inventory by any combination of parameters: grade, zone, customer, order, load, size, diameter and more.

Ad-hoc reports can be easily generated from most browser screens, enabling easy and powerful analysis by all users.

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