Paper machine / Dry end

The Paper Machine module identifies Jumbo reels produced at the paper machine dry end, where a workstation with a barcode printer prints reel labels.

Data Collection

The Paper Machine Dry End station can capture linear footage and reel weights automatically, or the operator can enter them manually. The operator enters paper losses, such as slabbing loss, which are recorded with the day's production report.

Paper mills can also use this workstation to enter downtime and track its causes.

Working with our Quality Management System, each Jumbo reel will collect quality information from gauging systems, PI, and lab instruments. The winder (or other stations) can view any of these Jumbo reels and examine the quality information on any reel. This function typically provides information for the winder operator to search for reels that meet needs of the current winder pattern.

Typical functions include:

  • View list of produced Jumbo reels
  • Change information for a selected reel (weight, length, estimated sets)
  • View/edit operator comments for selected reel
  • Show set information for selected reel if the reel is not new
  • Cull selected reel
  • Recover selected reel ( if culled )
  • Print/reprint reel ticket for selected reel
  • View/edit quality information on selected reel
  • Track paper machine downtime
  • View trim schedule and estimated time to production
  • Read Bulletin Board System (BBS) messages
  • View/print paper machine production reports
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