Operators use the Beater module to identify rolls processed at the Repulper station. Each roll number is scanned before the roll is put in the Repulper. If a barcoded core tag is not available or damaged, the operator must identify the roll manually. TRAQ Manager can be configured to automatically beater rolls that have been downgraded to Beater more than 90 days ago. The 90 days is configurable.

If an operator scans a Saleable roll for pulping, the system alerts the operator. He can either cancel the operation or downgrade the roll to the CULL status and process it. If the roll contains components that are not compatible with the current pulp batch, the operator receives a similar warning.

The system logs these events, even if the roll is not beatered, to enable investigation should the roll be accidentally beatered.

Typical functions include:

  • Scan the roll to be beatered
  • Acknowledge that the roll is processed
  • View beater inventory
  • Read Bulletin Board System (BBS) messages
  • View/print beater reports
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