Rewinder Module

>The TRAQ Manager Rewinder Module lets the operator search, identify, and process rolls that require rewinding (where Roll Status = REWIND).

>The Rewinder Module can process rolls in salvage or conversion modes. The system renumbers each new child roll (or rolls) according to sophisticated system configurations. For example: rolls from PM 01 will have the PM number changed to 5 in the TAPPI roll number. This way, the new number reflects that this particular roll was processed at the rewinder station. If a core tag printer is available, the system prints core tags for new rolls.


>The rewinder operator selects either salvage or conversion mode and identifies the parent roll to be processed. The system provides a warning if the roll does not have REWIND status, meaning it has not been designated for processing at the rewinder station. The operator may cancel the current operation and select another roll, or downgrade the roll and process it.

>The order (orders) for new rolls to be cut (child rolls) are selected. TRAQ Manager only presents orders approved for production, taking into account the available width in the parent roll. The system calculates and records rewinder losses. All production is traceable back to its parentage.

>The rewinder operator has the ability to create cutting patterns that meet current operating conditions. There is no scheduled production for the rewinder operation. All the needed information is available to the rewinder operator - as order and load status, pattern (trim) schedules, inventory views, roll downgrade and more.

>Typical functions include:

  • >Scan the roll(s) to be converted or salvaged
  • >Acknowledge that a roll is salvaged and re-print a core tag if required
  • >Select a quantity of child rolls to produce
  • >Assign each new child roll to orders that are approved for production
  • >Commit the set of produced child rolls
  • >View order status for any active order
  • >View rewinder inventory (list of rolls with a REWIND status)
  • >View pattern schedule for various paper machines to see what has been scheduled for production
  • >View in-process and finished inventories
  • >Change/delete information for selected roll (as permitted by configuration)
  • >Find rolls or orders with specified criteria
  • >Show all information for a selected roll
  • >Reprint core tags for selected rolls
  • >View or print rewinder reports
  • >View TRAQ Manager Bulletin Board System (BBS) messages
  • >View and manage crew, shift information
  • >Quality verification to ensure that we meet customer requirements
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