Wrapmation’s business strategy revolves around five fundamentals to enable us to best serve paper mills.

Total focus on the Paper Industry
Best-of-breed approach
Customization to meet our customers’ needs
Support for our customers

Total Focus on the Paper Industry

As a relatively small business, we believe in being focused to succeed. Our expertise is the development of roll tracking systems for paper mills, and we have decided to stick to what we know and love. We are always on the lookout for new technologies to keep our systems on the leading edge. We are focused on long-term value and our expertise. Paper mills appreciate our focus.

Having a single product means we are a pure-play. Since our livelihood depends on the product, we put all our efforts in developing and continuously improving our proficiency in this field to provide customers with the very best product we can offer.

Recognizing the cyclic nature of the paper industry, we sell our product globally. The industry goes through different cycles in various parts of the world.

Our systems are viable. Our reputation is excellent and we proudly provide a complete list of all our customers to prove it. For us, every site is a reference site. This is important as we have only one product.

Wrapmation’s growth strategy is low risk and organic.

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A Best-of-Breed Approach

Generally there are two approaches for providing these types of system.

In one approach, the vendor offers a complete, full spectrum single-vendor solution that encompasses most Information Technology (IT) systems in a paper mill. The vendor is accountable for everything. These are known as single vendor or integrated solution.

In the other approach, various suppliers provide modular solutions for various processes and work with other expert vendors to provide “Best-of-breed” solutions.

Wrapmation offers the “Best-of-breed” solution that fits into an existing environment with current and future vendors. We interface with a mill’s existing business and process systems.

The integrated solution provides a consistent and transparent access throughout the process. Integrated solutions compete with ERP, lab, financial and other systems. Best-of-breed complements these systems. The Best-of-breed approach lets each vendor focus on providing a richer solution, and this is consistent with our philosophy of providing customized solutions.

For a detailed comparison between Best-of-Breed verses Full Integrated Software see here.

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Customization to Meet our Customers’ Needs

Every mill is different. Paper companies must distinguish themselves to provide added value in a commodity marketplace.

A mill’s production process is repetitive. A typical mill daily produces 1000 rolls, enter dozens of orders a day, ships 40 loads a day. A mill repeats this day in, day out, 360 days a year. A customized system can be matched (tuned) to the mill processes enabling operators to save steps here and there for each roll, for each load or for each order. Decreasing the workload saves time and decreases the risk of human error or injury.

We customize our system to the mill’s business principles and process needs.

Some suppliers limit customization as this causes their system to deviate from their standard package thus disabling their ability to updating their systems to newer versions.

Wrapmation has taken the approach of updating systems only when there is a business or technological need. This reduces costs and interruptions to the operation.

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The Roll Tracking System is the most reliable computer system in the mill. Our system is part of the production process. If our system fails, production will soon also stop.

With this prominently in mind, we design system reliability and data integrity throughout the system. We strive to use industry-standard fault-tolerant backup technologies. Use of industry standards ensures lower costs, a longer product life cycle, improved compatibility and lower training requirements.

To date, no TRAQ Manager system has ever failed or lost any data.

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Support for our Customers

We believe in a partnership with the paper mill. We do not just install the system and leave. With each system, we provide services to keep the system running, current and meeting customer and regulatory needs.

Naturally our support package provides 24/7 emergency support and a pool of hours for support and updates.

This support structure ensures the system stays current and meets the mill’s ever changing needs. The maintenance fee also ensures that the vendor has an interest in keeping the system technologically current to keep the maintenance fees coming in, as opposed to the supplier who could be tempted to obsolete the system to sell the mill a replacement.

Our support package keeps a pool of hours in reserve so that mills do not need to procure funds for routine business or operational changes.

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