Configuration Manager Module

The TRAQ Manager Configuration module lets system administrators manage all the operating parameters of the TRAQ Manager system. This module also lets operators view historical data including:

  • Archive roll data
  • System audit transactions
  • Application warning/error logs

This module also manages archiving and deletion of old data.

Operating Parameters

The configuration module contains thousands of operating parameters that lets the administrators easily change how various TRAQ Manager functions operate. Changing the value of a parameter changes the modes of certain operations.

One such parameter is "Scan all rolls to load". This determines if it is obligatory for the clamp truck driver to scan every roll to be loaded on a vehicle. If the administrator sets this parameter, the clamp truck drivers must scan every roll before loading the roll on a vehicle. If this parameter is not set, the clamp truck drivers can scan just the first roll to automatically load all the rolls in a zone.

The Configuration Manager Module includes extensive documentation on each of these parameters.

Audit Transactions

TRAQ Manager maintains an extensive audit trail of all transactions that affect inventory. Every event, from a set turn up to a roll rewrapped, produces an audit transaction. A truck driver scanning a roll also creates an audit transaction. These audit transactions are very useful in mapping out and following the history of any roll. The audit trail is used to do production reports and is a diagnostic tool to find out what happened.

Application Logs

TRAQ Manager uses the application log to store warnings, errors, usual and unusual operations, and special events. The application log provides a tool to investigate and analyze any normal and abnormal operations that happened.

For example, if a wrapline operator accepts a diameter error, the system logs this event, along with the operator id, roll number, calculated and measured diameters in the application log. You can easily review and investigate this at a later time.

Old Data

TRAQ Manager data can be archived or purged, according to the pre-set parameters in the system or manually, on demand. The administrator can configure how old the data is before purging. Certain data is automatically archived before it is deleted. The system prevents data from being purged if TRAQ Manager still requires that data.

Typical functions include:

  • View all TRAQ Manager system parameter values
  • Change value of selected parameter
  • View parameters by selected field (code, name, and more)
  • Print list of system parameters
  • View list of audit transactions
  • View selected transactions (for selected date, roll number, type, and more)
  • View details for selected transaction
  • View/print list of audit codes with description
  • Print list of audit transactions for selected date
  • Delete old TRAQ Manager audit transactions
  • Delete old Jumbo reel/set records
  • Delete old splice records
  • Delete old shift records
  • Filter and report on application log events by operator, events, and more
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