Quality Management System

The TRAQ Manager Quality Management System maintains quality specifications for:

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Orders

TRAQ Manager also collects quality information from various mill systems including:

  • Gauging systems
  • Lab test equipment
  • DCS systems
  • Process and other manufacturing information systems

Jumbo reels

After a jumbo reel is turned up, TRAQ Manager begins gathering quality information for it from various mill systems.


The winder operator can review quality requirements and jumbo quality data, and examine and map it on the production patterns. This allows the winder operator to search for reels that meet the needs of the current winder pattern. The winder operator can also edit the patterns to provide the best yield, based on the customer's quality requirements contained in TRAQ Manager.

The Quality Management system tracks the quality information for each roll cut from the jumbo reel, including rewound rolls. Any workstation on the mill network can view product quality.

Quality re-verification

At any station (including wrapline, rewinder, or shipping), whenever a roll barcode is scanned, TRAQ Manager rechecks to see if any test on the paper has been redone. If either the test data or the customer requirements change, the system automatically verifies if the roll still meets the customer's requirements. TRAQ Manager alerts operators of any non-conforming quality requirements.


TRAQ Manager can be configured to warn or reject rolls that do not meet certain specifications. The operator can acknowledge a warning and the operation continues. A reject will not let the operation continue unless corrective action is taken. This means the roll can be downgraded or assigned to a customer who would accept the roll. In all cases, the system will audit these events.

TRAQ Manager prints Quality Certificates according to customer requirements.

Typical Quality Management Module features include:

  • Collection of quality information for jumbo reels
  • Interfaces to various lab, DCS, and gauging systems
  • Verification of roll quality before it is cut at the winder
  • Allowing re-testing of the paper on any jumbo reel
  • Re-verification of roll quality versus customer requirements until the roll is actually shipped
  • Tracking of grade and customer quality requirements
  • Tracking of special order requirements, such as trial orders
  • Viewing/editing special quality comments for selected reel
  • Manual editing of quality information on selected reel
  • By passing of any quality parameter if the customer does not need it
  • Production of "Certificate of Analysis"
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