Winder Module

Using the TRAQ Manager Winder Module, the operator identifies each set of rolls as they are turned up at the winder. The Winder Module lets the operator select Jumbo reels from Jumbo inventory and cuts the reel into sets of rolls according to production patterns prepared by the scheduler.

Quality and Grade Verification

Before the Winder Module accepts a Jumbo reel to be cut against a pattern, TRAQ Manager verifies that the grade and quality measurements of the paper in the Jumbo reel meets all order quality specifications for each roll in the pattern. The results appear using various colors to indicate which rolls meet customer quality requirements and alert the operator if anything is out of tolerance.

Pattern Editing

TRAQ Manager Winder operators can edit a pattern to meet the current machine operating conditions. They can swap roll positions within a selected pattern, delete rolls, or add rolls to a pattern from approved orders of compatible grade. This improves overall yield in less than optimum operating conditions.

TRAQ Manager only allows cutting of rolls against an existing approved order or as a butt roll. Using the electronic Bulletin Board System (BBS), the Winder operator can receive special instructions, criteria, and requirements to choose pattern alternatives.

Automatic Slitters

If your mill winders are equipped with automatic slitters, TRAQ Manager automatically transmit the knife settings. The system collects set length, actual diameter, losses, and number of splices and holes through the interface to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or by operator entry. For each set of rolls produced, the system prints core tags with barcode and human-readable information.

Typical functions include:

  • view the list of patterns posted to the winder workstation
  • copy, edit or create a pattern to meet operating conditions
  • select pattern to cut on the winder
  • view pattern instructions made by production planner
  • create running notes for each pattern to report operating conditions
  • view trim status , order status, trim schedules
  • change a Jumbo reel from a list of available reels
  • downgrade rolls that are NOT SALEABLE (reason code is required)
  • manage and record splices / patches for a single roll or all the rolls in the set at once (reason code is required)
  • send slitter knife settings to auto-slitter system
  • view results of quality check (reel quality data versus pattern quality requirements)
  • commit a set of rolls into production and inventory
  • view all produced rolls for each jumbo, for each pattern, for each order
  • reprint any core tag for a selected roll or for all tagged rolls
  • print/view winder reports (production, losses and exception report)
  • record production notes for each produced set
  • record machine downtime
  • read TRAQ Manager Bulletin Board Messages
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