Order entry module

The TRAQ Manager Order Entry Module begins the roll tracking process. Customer orders are entered into the system as they are received. If your mill has a corporate sales system, TRAQ Manager can also accept electronically transmitted orders.

The order tells the system what the customer ordered as well as how to process and ship the rolls, reams, and/or pallets. This module drives the entire TRAQ Manager System. Order information can include wrapping, label and marking instructions, wire side information, special quality requirements, shipping requirements, and much more.

TRAQ Manager workstations on the paper mill floor refer to the customer's order file to determine what needs to be done at that station, and also to verify whether the roll meets the customer's requirements.

The Order Entry Module's Office Module also manages automatic trimming for the Paper Machine, Winders, Sheeters, and Cutters. TRAQ Manager's automated trim program scans through inventory to determine which orders must (or can) be manufactured, then produces and electronically transmits the trim patterns to the system's various processing centers.

The Office Module also keeps track of order status, shipping operations, and inventory status, supporting management with the information needed to make decisions.

Typical function list

  • Manages customers, consignees, consuming sites orders, products
  • Downloads orders from corporate/remote systems
  • Full local order entry functionality independent of corporate system
  • Multiple items per one order (different sizes, grades)
  • Shipping management by order item
  • Manages loads, shipping dates, quantities
  • Displays order status for each order item or trim run
  • Displays what was produced, wrapped, loaded or shipped
  • Automatically transmits order acknowledgements to customers and retransmits if an order changes
  • Enters and manages TRAQ Manager Bulletin Board System (BBS) messages
  • Displays, manages, and tracks crew and shift information
  • Provides customer with 'fax on demand' feature for order status by roll, weight and area
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